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For Irwin and Lois Hutchins at 117 West Walter Street Fennville, Michigan
This is where I lived to the age of 15.
 My two sisters Jean, to 14 and
Arleen, to 12; were here also. :)
 LaVerne Bouwman
I was a loner, still am. I'm not sure why but the first reason would be, I have NO FATHER IMAGE. He was a jailbird and Mom divorced him.  I moved around, a lot, from when I was born until I finally settled in Fennville with a NEW DAD. I was a stranger to each new group of people. This would be a negative type of experience in any young person's social life.
I don't ever remember being outwardly disliked. I just didn't talk or ask questions much. There was one person who was common to my life and we became great friends. Albert Blackburn, he lived right behind us.
See the path to Blackburn house in aerial image below.
His mom was a single mom, like my mom had been and Albert too was a loner. We rode our bikes all around the area together, for miles.
Albert became a rancher in Florida and lived alone with his cattle out on the BLACKBURN RANCH.  I visited them in 1995.

This photo of me
 by the garage
was when
I was playing
with Albert.

Arleen started singing at
Grandpa's at Hutchins Lake.
Here she is singing with Cousin
Sally Hutchins at the Piano.
This is the only home
we had a piano in.

This photo was one
of the ones I took
with my new camera.
I took rabbit photo above Also.

The back yard was used well here on Walter Street. Pa always had a wonderful garden.
 I raised rabbits which I was able kill, as taught by grandpa Sheckler, so we could eat them like chicken.
Those years with my grandfather on Hutchins Lake were also very important but my new Step-Father gave me more.
 It has taken me 60 years to realize this.

I remember that Arleen
had fun playing with 
the Flemming twins who
 lived just down the
 street, across from the
 cookie factory.

When living in the Grand Rapids area with my cousins, I picked up some very bad habits from one cousin. I became a sneak here on Walter St. One day,
alone in the house,  I found a GUN Pa still had, a WWII 45 .
I must not have put things back right,  he noticed and got rid of it.

I would sneak out at night and roam the whole town.
There were no patrolling police at 2:00 am. I would even window peek.
There was one event that hurt Pa more than me.
One night while returning home, while climbing the ladder up to the roof,
"B"; the ladder banged against the fuel oil barrels. The barrels were right
 outside Pa & Mom's bedroom. Yup! they heard the bang.
When I stuck my head in the window
"A", I was greeted with a firm spanking
from Pa. For sure, it hurt him more than me.

"A"  and "B"
Are spotted on the images. :)

My Step-Father, "Pa", Irwin Hutchins was a highly-respected WWII Veteran. This town is where he was born so he knew everyone. To me, he was very quiet. We did not talk about anything, nothing, through his whole time being married to mom. I don't know if that was my fault or his.

Now I know he and mom were responsible for my obtaining that job as paperboy, working on the Crane farm, working at Van Hartesveldt's, working at the Lumber Yard, and after my hitch in the Navy, being hired by DAVERMAN's in Grand Rapids.

Another good encounter came out of Mom and Dad being members of the Masonic Lodge. And Eastern Star. Another couple were members, Keith and Cora Landsburg. Now my Mom, I know, was getting concerned about how my life was going. So, you know how mothers talk about things, well Cora suggested that I might enjoy sitting with their two boys when they were out at night. I did sit with them several times. They were Roger and David Landsburg. They enjoyed my reading and giving them comic books. After they went to bed I listened to their Short Wave Radio stations. I can remember Mrs. Landsburg's image still quit well, especially that she was taller than Keith.
Out of my new acquaintance with the Landsburg's, came a new venture.  I did this on Mrs. Landsburg's suggestion. I started attending the First Methodist Church, which they were members of. After we moved in 1951 and turned 16, I had myself Baptized. This put me on a whole new and better path in my life. I'm the only one in our family who is baptized.

These years were also when I started high school. Guess what, I also started wishing to know girls. One was a senior who I knew attended the Methodist Church. When I started attending that church I would watch her.
Singing and hearing church songs are still rewarding for me.
I joined youth fellowship where there was a game played called "Winkum" and that girl, DIXIE, was really good at it. So was I.

This home on Walter Street has no doubt provided the most quality endearing experiences in my life.
I had a  paper route where I picked up my papers at the POST OFFICE. All the customers gave me praise for a job well done.  My Uncle gave me a BICYCLE.